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When you hire an attorney in a disability benefits case, make sure you have a clear understanding of the provisions for attorneys fees.

Long and Social Security Disability claims:

Florida attorneys are permitted to handle disability claims for a contingent fee, similar to claims for personal injury. In most cases, my fee will be a percentage of total past due benefits paid by the disability carrier. In the event of a settlement of past due and future benefits, fees from future benefits are calculated at a reduced percentage rate. A copy of my fee agreement is available upon request.

Social Security Disability benefits: SSD and SSI

Attorney’ fees are governed by the Social Security Act. As your attorney, I am entitled to receive a fee in the event that benefits are approved and paid in your case. In most cases, the fee percentage is 25% of past due disability benefits, normally paid directly to my office from the payment center responsible for calculating and issuing your past due payments. The amount of the fee is “capped”, or limited, by Social Security law. A copy of my fee agreement is available upon request.

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